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The center of the world economy is moving to Asia

The axis of the global economy is moving to Asia. Especially, East Asia, which includes major powers such as South Korea, China and Japan, is considered to be the center of "the Era of Asia".

With a strong national pride that has descended through generations, China is concentrating its national energy on regaining old glories achieved during the 7th-century Tang (唐) dynasty and the 14th-century Ming (明) dynasty, which opened the most flourishing times. The restoration of China's national glory poses a threat to South Korea and provides a chance as well.

Japan is also pushing simultaneously for a strong nation and the "East Asian Community", drawing clouds of war over East Asia that would gain momentum with the launch of the Trump administration in the United States.

Aju News Corporation, which provides news online and offline in four languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanse and English), is well-suited to the Era of Asia which is witnessing a rapid rise in exchanges of tourism, culture, and sports, and hopes to play a role as the 'hub of Asia's economic information'.

From the perspective of Asians, different from Westerners, Aju News Corporation disseminates news quickly after monitoring and analyzing issues in the fields of domestic and international politics, economy, industry, culture and tourism.

Aju News Corporation is for everyone in Asia. We provide a platform for exchanges for Asia's economic revitalization. We are confident that our news, distributed globally through our online and offline outlets in four languages, will exert a great deal of power in positioning Korea as a key base for politics, economy and culture in Northeast Asia.

The news publication in four languages is rare, and all of our executives and staff members have a great pride and a strong sense of responsibility for their mission of historical significance

As we seek to become a global multi media group, Aju News Corporation will give careful attention to the opinion of readers and their criticism.

Best wishes for their health and happiness


September 2007


Chairman - Kwak Young-kil

President·Editor in Chief - Lee Yong-woong

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Newspaper publishing

Software development

Online information communication

Global consulting (China)

Advertising agency


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