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Privacy Statement

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Aju Business Daily (ajudaily.com) will take following measures to protect users' personal information and interests.

If any changes are made to the Privacy Policy, the company will notify users via a website notice or individual notice.

Aju Business Daily's online contents are provided free of charge.

○ This rule will take effect on July 26, 2016.

Purpose of Aju Business Daily's collection and use of users' personal information

Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the described below and will seek prior consent if the purpose is changed.

1) Membership registration and personal information usage

A user who signs up for membership will be required to provide the most basic personal information to identify if he or she is a child under 14 years of age. If an applicant is under the age of 14, he or she is required to submit a consent form written and signed by legal representatives in order to get full access to Aju Business Daily's online services and contents. Also, the information will be used for handling complaints and to provide the best service for our users.

2) The range of personal information required from users

Aju Business Daily will collect following personal information which will be stored up to three years accordingly to the Use and Protection of the Credit Information Act,

- Service use records, access logs, cookies, connection IP information

If you need more information about the protection of personal information, please visit the Ministry of the Interior and Safety's related website -- https://www.privacy.go.kr

Aju Business Daily may also ask its users for additional personal information when they participate in prize events and promotions. Such personal information will not be used for any other purposes except for the purposes specified to users before they apply for such events and promotions.

3) The maintenance and discard of personal information

Aju Business Daily will safely store and maintain personal information for as long as a user continues to receive his or her services and retain membership status

If a user wishes to cancel his or her membership through a designated de-registration process, all personal information of the user will be permanently deleted from our database. Deleted information will no longer be accessible or usable. Personal information which is printed will be incinerated within five days after they are no longer needed.

With the consent of its users, Aju Business Daily shares users' personal information such as cookies and IP address with its partner websites

To ensure personal information are stored and discarded properly, Aju Business Daily will carry out regular internal inspections. Also, to safely protect personal information from cyber-attacks such as hacking, we have established our data center where it is inaccessible to unauthorized personnel and protect it with online security solutions.

4) The following rights may be exercised by the user as a personal information entity

1. Request access to personal information

2. Request correction of errors

3. Request deletion of personal information

4. Request to stop processing personal information

Users can request Aju Business Daily to process their personal information by via a letter, an email or a fax. If such orders are received, we will not hesitate to carry out users' requests.

Legal representatives of users can also request Aju Daily to handle personal information the way they wish. However, in such a case, legal representatives must submit a letter of attorney in accordance with Appendix No. 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Privacy Act.

5) Aju Business Daily's responsibility

Aju Business Daily has appointed Han, Joon-ho, the manager of Aju News Corporation's Media Tech team as the handler of personal information. Please feel free to email or make a phone call to ask any question about the maintenance of personal information

Han, Joon-ho, the manager of Aju News Corporation's Media Tech team.

Office: +82+2+7671548

Email: hanjh@ajunews.com

Fax: +82+2+7671649